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  1. Triangular tiling patterns

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    Here is a pair of seamlessly tiling triangular patterns that I have created using Adobe Fireworks. I wanted these initially for an interface I am creating and thought many other designers could benefit from them so here they are.

    (Click the image below to download both of the patterns.)

    Triangular tiling patterns

    I can take no credit for the design of these patterns as they are based on the Abstergo Industries logo and the in-game interface from Assassins Creed. So all credit to the design goes to the respective designers.

    These buttons are handmade by me and of course free to use in all types of projects, a link back to my site is not mandatory but really would be HUGELY appreciated.

    Thanks very much and enjoy!!

  2. Over 10 free diagonal patterns

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    13 free diagonal pixel patterns

    This is a collection of 13 handmade pixel patterns. Bit of an odd number but hey… we’re coming up to Halloween!

    Made in Adobe Fireworks and predominantly for Adobe Fireworks but feel free to use all over the place, in web design projects, posters, leaflets, etc.

    (Click the image below to download the entire collection!)

    Free diagonal patterns

    Download this file and use it freely. You may edited it too, just DO NOT redistribute it as you’re own. If you need to redistribute it, you must add credit back to me.

    How to install patterns into Fireworks – Mac

    Unzip the contents of the download onto your hard drive and put it and a folder of your choice.

    Find your Adobe Fireworks folder in the ‘Applications’ folder.

    Go here ‘Adobe Fireworks >> Configuration >> Textures’

    Copy and paste all of the patterns into the ‘Textures’ folder.

    If you have Adobe Fireworks already open you will need to close it and restart. Voila, simple.

    How to install patterns into Fireworks – Win

    Unfortunately I havn’t got a Windows computer but it shouldn’t differ much from the above method. Just gotta find that textures folder and copy the patterns in.

  3. Simple repeatable tile pattern

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    Free simple repeatable tile pattern

    Simple patterns help add depth and character to any website and web design. This pattern that I have made is very simple and subtle. It tiles/repeats seamlessly and I have provided a ready-to-use flattened .PNG file with an alpha channel so you can put it straight onto any HTML element, upload it, tell it to repeat and there you go, job done!

    P.S – Made in Adobe Fireworks

    (Click on the image to download the source files.)

    Simple tile pattern for web design

    Download this pattern today and use it on your website without any accreditation. Of course it is always appreciated but no necessary. So go ahead, use it!